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Sorry for double-post! I decided to (hopefully) promote my storenvy on tumblr, by doing a keychain giveaway ><

Reblog to win a free keychain of your choosing (I’ll pay for shipping as well). Ends on Friday, April 25 12:00 Midnight EST



Available for purchase here ->

Thank you for any reblogs! Hopefully I can get a couple hundred or something ><;;

Mami’s head is missing!!

More Mami sketches… Might use the top for fanbook but will probably scrap the bottom.

Want some cheese~ >v<

WIP for fanbook… I think I might call it Magical Symphony or Rewrite… IDK, suggestions are welcome!? ^p^;;;

Twitter doodle~

Break between trying to finish Madoka fanbook orz


Is it just me?



Am I the only one who feels like it’s a terrible, exploitative thing to get 30+ guest artists for a book that’s being sold for personal gains?

There is no mention of a charity and about 80% of the work is guest art,…

I would just like to say, as a participating artist, I find it incredibly frustrating that more and more people who truly know absolutely nothing over the actual planning and organization of the book itself are so quick to ‘defend’ the participating artists without consulting them directly. Several comments have expressed speculation on whether or not guest artists knew that there would be no payment for participation and that the majority of profits would go towards a single, unnamed individual in need. As an artist who was invited, I would like to clarify (as a number of guest artists already have) that I knew the purpose of the book, fully understood I would be receiving no profits/payment and still happily contributed. Receiving a copy of the book (in this instance) is payment enough for me.

I thank people for their concern, but would also appreciate if, instead of spreading rumours and speculation grounded in nothing but personal opinion, please consult any one of the guest artists involved in the book and I’m absolutely certain that any one of them will tell you they willingly participated knowing that they would not be paid.

It really is a disservice to a) defend a group of 30+ individuals without even consulting them and b) defend 30+ individuals while under the apparent assumption that they have poor judgment when it comes to who and what they choose to draw for. I absolutely do not feel exploited, cheated, lied to or misled.

Thank you!


The Path to Hope: Magical Girl x Pokemon Anthology

Over 30 amazing artists from around the world come together to bring you one heck of a doujin crossover, with 48 vibrant, full-colour pages in B5 size, featuring magical ladies from modern and classic works.

Artist List:

Ah-Bao, Aka-Shiro, Akimiya, Cezaria, Cosmolade, Draa, Eaphonia, Einlee, Ferazhin, Goku-no-Baka, Hitsukuya, IKR, Joyfool, Kaze-Hime, Makotoffee, Kissai, KL-chan, Kurot, LuluSeason, Mimimiru, Minevi, Naguri, Namie-kun, Noxi, OfSkySociety, Pancake-Waddle, Raemz, Shiyun, Synpai, Toumin, Tsulala(Rem), Uviski, Yooani, and Zeiva! (artist previews will be reblogged/posted here)

Featuring series such as:

Cardcaptor Sakura, Kill la Kill, Little Witch Academia, Magic Knight Rayearth, Panty and Stocking, PreCure, Pretear, Princess Tutu, Puella Magi Madoka, Sailor Moon, Shugo Chara!, Tokyo Mew Mew, and many more!

!! Limited stock book, grab your copy [HERE] now!!

~ $25 Regular Set ~

  • pre-order bonus: postcard of Princess Tutu

~ $35 Deluxe Set ~

  • deluxe pre-order bonus: additional 8pg art booklet!
  • pre-order bonus: postcard of Princess Tutu
  • Early Bird Special: sketched artwork on cardstock by Kaze-Hime (6 qty. available only!), including all of the above pre-order bonuses.

Ships internationally. Pre-order end-date: Late May (tentative). Bonus booklet details TBD.

This book will never be reprinted, ever!

Organized my keychain box. I wish it would stay this organized during conventions ^p^;;;

Homura and Madoka. Third one is a scene from Madoka Magica: Rebellion.

I’m trying to think of a cover idea and title but it’s hard orz||

I drew boobs lol. I sketch eyes in such a lazy way orz

Hello! This is my art blog, I post lots of sketches and Madoka drawings.** As you can see, I love drawing girls (´◓ω◓`)(´◒ω◒`)(´-ω-`)



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