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I want them all idolized but I guess that’s asking for too much… ; 3 ;


Artist: Hitsu

Website: Tumblr | Pixiv 


Lovelive! Illustration collection ‘Sylvanlomika' is now available for pre-order at my storenvy! »ORDER HERE« 

book size: B5(176 x 250mm) / 24p (excluding cover) / full color / saddle stitch

-Pre-order special is one large (10*15cm) prism card, color on both side- Maki & Kotori (see 3rd image) 
-Pre-orders will close on October 12. Price may rise after the pre-order special. 
-First batch will be sent on: November 28th 
-Shipped in bubble mailer for protection

Reblog will be greatly appreciated-///- Feel free to ask any questions through my ask box or email: Worked so hard on this and I’m so proud of myself fdkdfmklahhh gonna go get me some pizza with stuffed crust

Need to get!

GIMME UR ! ! ! ! !

erisineek Asked:

My answer:

K-kyaaa, thank you! Happy day ! ! ≧∪≦

Haven’t drawn any original art in so long, makes me feel bad whoops. I guess that giant grayish thing in the bg will be the moon or something……

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sailoruzamaki Asked:
Hey sorry to bug you but are you still selling the metamorphosis art book you made ? If so how much is it again?

My answer:

Oh yeah, I forgot to make an announcement about that;;;

I recently put leftovers back up for sale in my store. You can find it (+ price) here ->

angela0615 Asked:
can you show us how do u color ur art? ur art is amazing! i really love how u draw! could u give us ur brush settings and maybe show us a step by step tutorial or progress? i love ur art!

My answer:

Thank you! I don’t know how much it will help but here are the brush settings of the ones I use most frequently. I’ll try to post a step-by-step of my drawing process in the near future, but lately all I’ve been drawing are doodles and commissions which can’t be posted online u_u


moustachedpotato Asked:
Hi! I just wanted to tell you that my copy of Metamorphosis arrived last week! I love the book, it's so colorful and all the illustrations look amazing! Thank you! ^^

My answer:

Thank you for letting me know it arrived! It makes me so happy to hear you like it ; 3 ; It was such a fun book to work on, I hope to make more in the future ^ o ^

marissa-arsenia Asked:
Hi! I was looking at your commission info on DA and I was just wondering what a commercial commission is?

My answer:

A commercial commission is for companies/individuals who want to use the art commissioned for profit/commercial use. Most common examples are things like character design for games/visual novels, CD covers and artwork on t-shirts. Since the customer is using the art in a way that will generate profit for themself, the cost to commission is higher than for those who simply want a drawing of their character. Hope that makes sense!

Hello! This is my art blog, I post lots of sketches and Madoka drawings.** As you can see, I love drawing girls (´◓ω◓`)(´◒ω◒`)(´-ω-`)



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