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marissa-arsenia Asked:
Hi! I was looking at your commission info on DA and I was just wondering what a commercial commission is?

My answer:

A commercial commission is for companies/individuals who want to use the art commissioned for profit/commercial use. Most common examples are things like character design for games/visual novels, CD covers and artwork on t-shirts. Since the customer is using the art in a way that will generate profit for themself, the cost to commission is higher than for those who simply want a drawing of their character. Hope that makes sense!

Snow/Yuki Miku 2014

Sakura Miku ^ 3 ^ Working on a new project n_~

Another set of buttons, Madoka Magica! I’ll be putting my fanbook back up for sale soon too u 3 u;

Selling leftovers in my store here.

Added NGNL buttons to my store.

Was rushing these for AX and ran out of time to draw Jibril… need a second season so I can draw her in a new set next year ^^;

I doubt this is going to work but I was wondering if anyone has a table at AWA or Otakon and would be willing to split half with me?

Alternatively, if there’s anyone who wants to split a Dealers Booth with me at Otakon, that could work too (it’s $1200 but if there’s 2-4 of us it will be a lot more reasonable)?? Send me a note if you’re interested U_U

I missed a lot of con artist alley sign ups (actually decided late that it’d be nice to attend more than 2 a year lol).

Quick update to those who pre-ordered my Metamorphosis Fanbook. I will start mailing out books this weekend and early next week. Thank you so much for your patience, I am excited for the books to reach you and am thankful for every order that I received!

If anyone who has ordered has an address change, please contact me asap!

Was asked to draw a chibi anatomy tutorial, though this is simply just my process and I am in no way proclaiming to be a master of chibi drawing. Lots of people have different ways of doing it that look better!

I want to conquer the world with Kate-san!!

WIP from twitter~

Hello! This is my art blog, I post lots of sketches and Madoka drawings.** As you can see, I love drawing girls (´◓ω◓`)(´◒ω◒`)(´-ω-`)



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